Tax Filling Services

We provide services in the following areas:

  1. Income Tax returns - Individuals or HUFs
  2. Income Tax returns - Proprietorships, Partnerships, etc
  3. Income Tax returns - Pvt. Ltd. Companies, etc
  4. Service Tax Returns
  5. VAT Returns
  6. Professional Tax returns 

1. Documents needed for Individuals and HUFs

 A. Salaried Individual

  • PAN number (For Salaried Employees)
  • Form-16 issued by your employee

 B. If you have some other source of income

  • Bank statements / passbook for Interest Income on bank deposits.
  • Statements of Interest Income besides Bank deposits
  • TDS certificates issued to you by your bank and others.
  • Section 80C investment statements. Investments done under LIC, NSC, PPF qualify for Section 80C deductions.
  • Charitable donation statements. Donations that can be claimed for tax deductions under Section 80G. Typically the receipt issued by the institute you donate to mentions the eligibility under Section 80G.

 C : Other Investment Documents

  • Interest paid on housing loan. Interest on housing loan is eligible for tax saving upto Rs 1,50,000. This is for a self-occupied house.
  • Education loan interest payments.
  • Stock trading statement. The stock trades that were made during the year may be taxed under Capital Gain.

2. Income Tax filing for Propriterships and Partnership

3. Income Tax returns - Pvt. Ltd. Companies, etc

4. Service Tax Returns

5. VAT Returns

6. Professional Tax returns


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