Form INC 29 – Fast Track Company Registration


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has taken an initiative step to reduce the burden of registration process for the new start-ups by creating a new pattern of registration with Form INC 29. You can complete your entire incorporation by filing this e-form, and you would get your registration certificate within a span of 5 to 10 days, which is considered as much lesser while comparing with old system, which will take around 15 to 20 or 25 days for incorporating your company.


  • In Old system of Incorporation, you have file separate form for DIN, Name approval and for Certificate of Incorporation. But in this new system, you can apply for DIN, Name and for Certificate in a single form and more than that you can even get PAN and TAN for your company.
  • First, your proofs for DIN should be very clear, particularly your address proof, your PAN card copy, the photo on PAN card copy should be very clear.
  • Second, name of your company. In Form INC 29 you can provide only one name and there is no option to provide another name. Hence, before filing name search has to be conducted and after thorough verification we have to go with filing the form.
  • Third, only two option for re-submission has been allowed, so one has to be sure with name, proofs and all relevant documents before going with Form INC 29.

What should I do next to avail this scheme?

We have a special team of experts working on this Fast track scheme, so just file the simple form given in this page and our team member will get in touch with you shortly.